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How to Play

Register an account with us, it's free. Once, you have registered you will be able to access our SQL Injection list. This list contains links of websites that are vulnerable to SQL Injections. The objective of this website is to notify those who are at risk. There will be a list of exploitable links, it's up to you to find the vulnerability/injection point and submit it in the box provided. The first user to submit a valid link will be awarded the points on the leaderboard.


Leaderboards are provided to show who is helping the most, who had a proven track record, and who is the most helpful in the success of InjectHere. In order to get on the leaderboards, you must submit your link to prove the vulnerability which shows a MySQL valid error. All submissions will be validated, and the first users valid submission will be given the points. The leaderboard will be reset monthly. In the near future, we hope to bring free giveaways to the top users that include cash prizes.

User Agreement

By using this website, you agree to these terms and conditions. All links provided are for education purposes only, InjectHere and it's staff do not condone the illegal usage of the links. InjectHere and it's staff can and will not be held liable for any damage brought upon from using our website, links provided, or any other matter that may or may not pertain to us. You agree that any attempts on our websites to exploit, inject, or any other attempt of such is forbidden and will actively get you IP banned. We do at this time allow tor networks, since it's a good thing to have but any proxy and tor network activity to our website can be revoked at anytime if we feel there being used in attacks against InjectHere. You will be banned from the website if there are too many submissions for a single link, or too many incorrect submissions in total. It is vital that you provided as much information to replicate the error/vulnerability in your submission. This user agreement can be changed at anytime, and changes will be reflected here. Your IP is recorded and used only in the sole purpose of a user account is hacked, or in the event an attack on our website. InjectHere is not responsible for what users do by the information provided on our website.